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Competition in Natural Gas Is Good

Deregulation in the natural gas market brings a world of choice to your home. Get to know your options and the costs that go into delivering natural gas to your home.

The Alberta natural gas market was deregulated in 1985. Today, you’re free to stay with a regulated provider or go with a competitive provider. If you don’t choose, you’re automatically with a regulated provider.

You can choose your provider

Competitive providers give you choice

When you choose your natural gas supplier, you can opt for a fixed rate and monthly price. You can also combine energy services to save.

Prices fluctuate for many reasons

The market determines the price based on supply and demand. Weather, supply, surge in demand, environmental policies and many more things can affect the price of natural gas.

What charges are included in my rate?

All natural gas retailers provide a charge for the amount of gas consumed, plus distribution and transmission charges, GST and administration fees. Transmission and distribution charges are regulated by the government and are passed on directly by your provider. They cannot be changed and vary depending on where you live or are located in the province.

The costs of delivering natural gas

1 Drilling and Processing Costs
Natural gas is drilled from wells and refined at processing plants.
2 Transmission Charge
High-pressure transmission pipelines transport natural gas to major markets.
3 Distribution Charge
Low-pressure distribution pipelines deliver natural gas to areas for use by homes and businesses.
4 Home Price
Natural gas is delivered to your home and consumed.

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