How To Switch Retailers.

Is It Easy to Switch?

Switching is easy. If you are on a regulated rate, like most Albertans, there’s no need to notify your provider, we take care of everything!

Simply sign-up with ATCOenergy by shopping our products, adding your plan to the Cart, and proceed through the Checkout. It only takes a few minutes.

Now that’s easy!

Do I Need To Call To Cancel My Service?

Again, if you’re like most Albertans and haven’t contracted with a competitive retailer, no! If you signed with a competitive retailer, it really depends on the Terms and Conditions of the contract. Some retailers allow you to cancel without penalty, some don’t.

Most competitive retailers ask for notification of your intent to switch. This notice generally ranges from 15 to 30 days and can usually be done over the phone.

It is advisable to understand the Terms and Conditions of your contract to ensure you know your rights and the expectations of your current retailer. If you’re unsure, you can call your existing retailer for clarity.