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Bundle Up Campaign - WestJet Offer+-

What is the “Bundle Up WestJet” promotion? How does it work?

• New Residential customers who have made the switch to ATCOenergy for a 3- or 5-year electricity and natural gas bundle between 12:01 a.m. MST December 29, 2017 and 11:59 p.m. MST February 9, 2018 will receive a $150 WestJet Gift Card (see terms and conditions).

• New customers who sign up with ATCOenergy for a 3 or 5-year dual fuel Positive Energy Bundle, on a variable or guaranteed rate residential plan, are eligible for the WestJet Gift Card.

• This WestJet Gift Card has no cash value.

• ATCOenergy will not be offering substitutions, exchanges, or refunds.

• This offer can not be combined with any other offer.

When/how will I receive my WestJet Gift Card?

• WestJet Gift Cards will be delivered via email on January 16 & 30, February 13 & 27. Please allow 15-20 days for processing and delivery.

• WestJet and/or ATCOenergy will not be responsible for a gift card that cannot be delivered because of an invalid email address.

• You can redeem your gift card on eligible purchases on or through your travel agent.

• Gift cards cannot be redeemed through the contact centre, at the airport or onboard at this time.

Can I ship a Gift Card outside of Canada?

• A WestJet eGift card can be delivered to any valid email address.

Do WestJet Gift Cards have an expiry date?

• Gift cards for do not have an expiry date.

How to I redeem my WestJet Gift Card? Are there restrictions?

• The gift card number and access code can be viewed through a link within your eGift card email.

• A maximum of one gift card can be redeemed on a single booking; multiple gift cards cannot be consolidated into a single card.

• WestJet Rewards members will earn WestJet Dollars on flights booked with a WestJet gift card.

• Gift cards are not reloadable.

• WestJet gift cards are not refundable

• Gift cards can only be redeemed for new bookings on WestJet and WestJet Encore operated flights and advance seat selection fees (at the time of booking), including applicable taxes, fees and surcharges.

• Gift cards cannot be used as payment for:

o Baggage fees, change and cancellation fees, same-day airport changes, seat upgrade fees, kennel fees, and unaccompanied minor fees

o WestJet Vacations packages

o WestJet Rewards redemption bookings

o Purchase of WestJet dollars

o Group bookings (vacations and air only)

o Pre-purchase menu items and Buy on Board menu items

o WestJet Connect

o Cargo services

o Car bookings, hotel reservations and travel insurance booked on

o Partner airline operated flights


How do I get help with booking a flight or if I have questions about flights?

• Please reach out to WestJet for all booking inquiries and help



Is this offer applicable to my business account?

No, this offer is only applicable to residential accounts.

As a valued business customer, you are still eligible for $25 in anniversary credits for every year we do business together, for each site with no brokerage or association fees.

Visit for more details and to sign up.

I signed up with ATCOenergy by February 9, but my services don’t start until later in the year. Will I still receive the WestJet Gift Card?

Yes, customers who sign-up by February 9, 2018, are still eligible for this offer. Please allow 15-20 days to process and deliver your WestJet Gift Card.

Do I need to sign up for both electricity and natural gas, or for an Energy Value Bundle to be eligible for this special offer?

Yes, new customers who sign up with ATCOenergy for any residential 3 or 5-year dual fuel energy bundle are eligible for the WestJet Gift Card. This includes both variable and fixed-rate plans.

I already have a plan with ATCOenergy. Do I qualify for this offer?

This offer is only for new ATCOenergy customers. If you are an existing ATCOenergy customer, we’ll be emailing you an exclusive promotion. If you haven’t signed up for email offers, give us a call at 1 844 687 2826, or update your preferences in MyAccount.

Do I have to pay back the value of the WestJet Gift Card if I cancel my agreement?

No, you do not have any obligation. As always, you can switch or cancel your agreement at any time without penalty.

My friend signed up a month ago and got an anniversary credit with their plan. If I sign up, do I get an anniversary credit on top of the $150 WestJet Gift Card?

Yes, the anniversary credit from ATCOenergy is available for residential customers for this offer.

How to Sign-up+-

Can I choose my energy retailer?
Yes. In Alberta you’re free to choose a competitive retailer. If you don’t choose your retailer you’re automatically enrolled with a regulated provider.

What is ATCOenergy?
ATCOenergy is a new kind of electricity and natural gas company (competitive retailer) from a trusted name in Alberta. We're here to provide clarity about how you use energy and pay for it, to give you great rates, and to provide customer service that actually focuses on you, the customer. It's a philosophy that we like to call positive energy, and they're words we live by every day.

How do I sign-up with ATCOenergy?
Switching is easy, and only takes a few minutes. If you are on a regulated rate, like most Albertans, there’s no need to notify your provider, we take care of everything! Shop our products online, or call the Customer Experience Centre at 1.844.687.2826.

Do I need to cancel my services before switching to ATCOenergy?
If you’re like most Albertans and haven’t contracted with a competitive retailer, no! If you signed with a competitive retailer, it really depends on the Terms and Conditions of the contract. It is advisable to understand the Terms and Conditions of your contract to ensure you know your rights and the expectations of your current retailer. If you’re unsure, you can call your existing retailer for clarity.

Rates & Plans+-

How do I know if a Variable or Guaranteed price is best for me?
A Guaranteed Rate ensures you receive a fixed rate. A fixed rate means you will see smaller fluctuations on your monthly energy bill. For those who are comfortable with rate fluctuations from month to month, ATCOenergy's Variable Rate is set monthly based on the actual market price.

How are electricity prices set?
Just like natural gas, many things affect the market price of electricity. Weather, outages, supply, surge in demand and the price of natural gas (a fuel for generators) are some of the causes. All electricity retailers provide a charge for the amount of power consumed, plus transmission and distribution charges, GST and administration costs. The transmission and distribution charges are regulated by the government and are passed on directly by your provider. They cannot be changed and vary depending on where you live in the province. Explore the understanding energy section of our website to learn more.

How are natural gas prices set?
The market determines the price based on supply and demand. Weather, supply, surge in demand, environmental policies and many more things can affect the price of natural gas. All natural gas retailers provide a charge for the amount of gas consumed, plus distribution and transmission charges, GST and administration fees. Transmission and distribution charges are regulated by the government and are passed on directly by your provider. They cannot be changed and vary depending on where you live or are located in the province. Explore the understanding energy section of our website to learn more.

What is a regulated rate?
If you haven't entered an agreement with an energy retailer, you are currently paying the regulated rate or RRO. This means your rate fluctuates from month to month as the market fluctuates. Choosing your energy retailer allows you to choose either a guaranteed or variable rate. Explore the understanding energy section of our website to learn more.

Reading Your Bill+-

Electricity is produced in large power plants. Transmission lines are the high-voltage wires and towers used to transmit power from the power plants to the local distribution systems. Distribution lines deliver low voltage energy to neighborhoods so it can be used by homes and businesses. Distribution companies are responsible for delivering electricity to your home, measuring your consumption, and sending their charges to retailers to pass on to customers. Retailers receive your consumption information from the distribution company, and are responsible for your energy rates and billing you on a monthly basis.

Natural Gas
Natural gas is drilled from wells and refined at processing plants. High-pressure transmissions pipelines transport natural gas to major markets. Low-pressure distribution pipelines deliver natural gas to areas for use by homes and businesses. Distribution companies are responsible for delivering natural gas to your home, measuring your consumption, and sending their charges to retailers to pass on to customers. Retailers receive your consumption information from the distribution company, and are responsible for your energy rates and billing you on a monthly basis.

What is my Account Number?
Your account number is a unique 13-digit numeric identifier that authenticates your identity and enables payment of your bill. You can find this number on the first page of your ATCOenergy bill in the top right corner. You can also find this number in your MyAccount dashboard in a green box in the top right corner. If you can't find your account number, please contact our call centre

What is my Site ID?
Every property in the province of Alberta with an electricity or natural gas meter has a unique site ID number assigned to each meter. The site ID number corresponds to the address at which the meter is located, and is used by power companies to keep track of customers and the amount of energy they use.

What is the Administration Fee on my monthly bill?
This fee covers the costs related to billing for electricity and/or natural gas and providing customer service.

What are Delivery Charges?
The Distributor's total charge to deliver energy to your premises.

How are Delivery and Distribution Charges calculated?
Distribution companies calculate their rates based on the cost of operating the distribution system and delivery of energy to homes and businesses. Delivery and distribution charges are approved by the Alberta Utility Commissions.

What is included in the Energy Charges section on my bill?
You will see the total charge for energy used during the billing period. Some billing periods extend over two months, it will depend on which billing cycle you are on.

Why would my meter readings be estimated and not actual?
Distribution companies do their best to provide actual meter readings on a monthly basis. From time to time they may be unable to access your meter to get an actual meter reading.

My meter reading is wrong, how do I correct this?
Please contact your distribution company. Their number can be found on the back of your ATCOenergy bill.

Where can I find my account balance?
Register for MyAccount online and access your account details 24/7. Or, call our Customer Experience Centre at 1.844.687.2826

How do I inquire about or dispute charges on my bill?
We ask that you bring any questions, discrepancies or disputes about your invoice to our attention as soon as possible. Please note that your invoice must be paid in full by the due date while any such questions, discrepancies or disputes are being addressed. Please call 1.844.687.2826 or send an email inquiry to


How do I register for MyAccount?
Visit and register using the following information:

  • Email address
  • Account number
  • Phone number

You can view and pay your bill, monitor your energy consumption and update your account information.

Can I manage multiple properties from MyAccount?
Yes, multiple properties can be linked to one MyAccount. Please call our Customer Experience Centre at 1.844.687.2826 and we can ensure you are set up for easy access.

How do I add or remove a property to MyAccount?
Call our Customer Experience Centre at 1.844.687.2826 and one of our Customer Care Specialists will take care of for you. Or, you can send an email to

How can I add or update my credit card information in MyAccount?
Please call our Customer Experience Centre at 1.844.687.2826 and speak with one of our Customer Care Specialists.

Billing & Payment+-

Can I add another person to my account?
Yes you can add, or remove another person from your account at any time. Please call 1.844.687.2826, send an email inquiry to, or use the live web chat feature on our website.

How do I pay my ATCOenergy bill?
Your bill can be paid via online banking, telephone banking, at the bank, automated bank withdrawal, one-time credit card payment, pre-authorized credit card payments or by sending payment through the mail.

How do I sign-up for electronic billing?
Please call 1.844.687.2826, send an email inquiry to or use our live web chat feature on our website.

How do I sign-up for email bill notifications?
Please call us at 1.844.687.2826, send an email inquiry to, or use the live web chat feature on our website.

Do you have text bill notifications available?
Yes. To sign-up please call 1.844.687.2826, send an email inquiry to, or use the live web chat feature on our website.

Carbon Levy+-

What is the "carbon levy" charge on my natural gas bill?
The carbon levy is part of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan. It’s applied to fuels that emit greenhouse gases when combusted, including the natural gas used to heat your home or business.

The carbon levy is a provincial tax that will be included in the price of all fuels that emit greenhouse gases when combusted including: natural gas, gasoline, diesel, and propane. Under the Government of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan, the price for each tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent emitted as a result of burning these fuels will be $20 and as of January 1, 2017, rising to $30 in 2018. It will not apply directly to electricity consumption.

In 2017, how much more can I expect to pay on my monthly natural gas bill?
In 2017, the carbon levy will add approximately $1.011 per gigajoule (GJ) of natural gas. The impact will vary from customer to customer. Contributing factors to your monthly natural gas bill include how efficient your natural gas appliances are, how well your home is insulated and how you consume energy overall.

An average Alberta household uses approximately 120 GJ of natural gas per year. Based on an average home, one can expect to see a direct increase of $121 on their 2017 natural gas bill.

Where will I see the carbon levy accounted for on my monthly natural gas statement?
Residential customers will see the carbon levy charges in the Distributor section of their ATCOenergy bill, above the GST.

Will I get a rebate?
Two-thirds of Albertans will receive a carbon levy rebate that helps offset increased costs associated with the levy. Small businesses will also see a 33% reduction their taxes as the rate is cut from 3% to 2%. Please visit for more details on the rebate criteria.

Is there a separate application process for the rebate?
No. You’ll automatically receive a rebate if you meet the income criteria and filed 2015 income tax.

What can I do to reduce the impact of the carbon levy?
Reducing your consumption is the simplest way of reducing how much you pay. Some methods for reducing consumption, like keeping doors and windows closed during the winter or lowering your thermostat, are relatively simple and inexpensive. Others, like investing in high-efficiency natural gas appliances or updating your home’s windows or insulation, can be more costly.

In addition, choosing your energy retailer and finding a plan that works best for you can give you peace of mind, and ensure you find the best rates available to you.

If I sign up with a competitive retailer, will I be insulated from the carbon levy? What if I sign-up before the carbon levy is implemented? What if I choose a guaranteed rate?
No. You will still be required to pay tax on your natural gas consumption although signing up with a competitive retailer like ATCOenergy will help ensure you take advantage of sign-up incentives, and customer rewards to offset some of these additional charges. Plus, you will have peace of mind knowing that you receive great low rates and that you choose a plan that meets your needs.

If I choose either 25% or 100% Green energy from ATCOenergy, will that exclude me from having to pay the carbon levy?
No. The Green energy option offered by ATCOenergy applies to electricity only. The carbon levy will still apply to your natural gas consumption.

I’d like more information about the carbon levy. Who do I contact?
To learn more please visit or call the Government of Alberta’s help line at 310-0000.

Are Indigenous Albertans exempt from the carbon levy on natural gas?
Natural gas purchased by First Nation individuals for personal use on reserve or by First Nations for use on reserve are not subject to the carbon levy.

Customers who already receive a GST exemption for natural gas on reserve should automatically receive an exemption for the levy. Otherwise, the customer should contact their natural gas service provider and provide a federal identification card or a copy of the band’s original certificate as proof of tax exemption eligibility.

For more information regarding the carbon levy or exemption eligibility, email: OR phone: 780-644-4300 (Monday to Friday, 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) Toll free within Alberta: dial 310-0000, then 780-644-4300.